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23º Congresso Portugês de Obesidade - Braga, 22 a 24.11.2019


Curso Avançado de Obesidade para Internos e Jovens Especialistas de Endocrinologia


20/11/2019 21:46
Tratamento não cirurgico da obesidade do adulto


 A Obesidade é uma doença crónica, complexa e multifatorial, com impacto elevado na morbilidade, mortalidade, qualidade de vida e económicos A obesidade é, sem qualquer dúvida, o distúrbio nutricional major da sociedade ocidental e também da sociedade Portuguesa. De acordo com o Inquérito Alimentar Nacional e de Atividade Física, que recolheu informação entre 2015-2016 para todos os segmentos etários da população Portuguesa não institucionalizada (dos 3 meses aos 84 anos de idade), incluindo as Regiões Autónomas, aproximadamente 6 em cada 10 Portugueses apresentam obesidade ou pré-obesidade. De acordo com estes dados, estima-se que a prevalência de obesidade generalizada em Portugal seja de 22,3% e a prevalência de pré-obesidade é de 34,8%. Face a este enorme problema, foi objetivo desta Direção da Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo da Obesidade (SPEO) promover a discussão entre os vários profissionais de saúde que devem integrar a equipa multidisciplinar para o tratamento médico da obesidade. Assim, este documento pretende apresentar uma breve revisão atualizada sobre dados epidemiológicos da obesidade em Portugal e sobre a abordagem acerca do diagnóstico e tratamento da obesidade nas vertentes da Nutrição, Psicologia, Atividade Física e Médica, com destaque para o tratamento farmacológico da obesidade. Numa era onde a informação e desinformação estão ao alcance de um clique, onde abundam a pseudociência e os pseudotratamentos, sentimos necessidade de elaborar este documento para fornecer aos colegas das várias áreas de conhecimento no tratamento da obesidade, conteúdos científicos baseados na melhor e na mais recente evidência científica acerca da abordagem integrada desta patologia. O nosso objetivo é disponibilizar conhecimento atualizado a todos os profissionais de saúde e fornecer-lhes um instrumento que permita levar a cabo a árdua tarefa de tratamento da obesidade. Desejamos que as informações que se seguem nos ajudem a todos a alcançar o sucesso.

 Para aceder ao texto do livro clique no link abaixo

18/11/2019 21:47
Guidelines - Alimentação Saudável dos 0 aos 6 anos
14/11/2019 8:20
European and International Congress on Obesity, 17 – 20 May 2020, Dublin. Ireland

We are pleased to announce that the symposium suggestion and abstract submission process for #ECOICO2020 is open! The 2020 congress presents an excellent opportunity to share your work with your professional community. Submit your symposium suggestions by 29 December 2019, and your abstracts by 26 January 2020. See full details on the European and International Congress on Obesity website

EASO Awards for Scientific Excellence will also be presented at ECOICO2020: 
  • New Investigator Awards in Basic Science; Clinical Research; Public Health; and Childhood Obesity Research
  • New Investigators United Best Thesis Award
  • EASO Travel Grants
The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 25 January 2019.  All interested parties, and especially New Investigators, are encouraged to  apply. Please join the EASO New Investigator Network!
Visit the ECOICO2020 website to contribute to the scientific programme and the EASO website to find out more about EASO Scientific Awards

EASO had an excellent conversation with Dr Amos Laar of Ghana, in advance of ECOICO2020. Dr Laar, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana in Accra, is President of the African Nutrition Society. Having received academic training in Nutrition, Public Health, and Bioethics, he draws on theoretical, conceptual, and methodological perspectives from these fields to understand how physical environment, social environment, and upstream factors affect health. Read the entire conversation on the EASO website

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NoHoW Project Newsletter: October 2019
Learning more about weight management

One of the key challenges in helping people with weight maintenance is understanding what they think about weight loss, how they lose weight and what support they need to maintain their weight loss in the long term. There isn't much solid scientific evidence available, so one of the first tasks in NoHoW was to carry out a large, population-based survey. Read more on the NoHoW website

We worked on a longitudinal survey of 3,000 successful weight maintainers, recruited from Slimming World. In this survey, we used members' weight loss history and their survey responses over the course of a year to learn more about long-term weight maintenance. The results of this survey will help us to interpret the results of the NoHoW trial.

Building the NoHoW Toolkit

To build the Toolkit, the team gathered together the best scientific evidence from the literature and developed a programme for weight management, targeted towards people who have already lost weight and want to learn how to maintain their weight loss. The web-based Toolkit includes educational content and allows users to track their weight, physical activity and sleep using self-tracking technologies (activity trackers, smart scales).

Testing the Toolkit


Now that the NoHoW Toolkit has been used in the real world, we look forward to sharing results of the trial. To test the Toolkit, we recruited participants from the UK, Denmark and Portugal to test it out. The trial focused on adults who had lost at least 5% of their body weight in the last 12 months, and were still below their highest weight.
The NoHoW Toolkit helped was designed to help participants learn how to maintain their weight loss. A list of open access publications related to the NoHow project and their summaries can be found here 

The NoHoW team met September 17-18 in Aarhus, Denmark to share recent updates on the NoHoW Toolkit and trial results. Colleagues involved in each phase of the project shared the most recent developments in these areas and project publications were also discussed. Initial NoHoW project results are now available to the team, stay tuned for results! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch.
DSAF Spring Meetings

NoHoW featured at the Spring Meeting of the Danish Association for the Study of Obesity (04 June 2019, Copenhagen), where the focus was Maintaining Weight Loss - Is It Possible? Two meetings were held in different parts of the country. The forthcoming November meeting of DSAF focuses on "obesity from primary prevention through bariatric surgery."
At the Copenhagen meeting, Coordinator Prof. Berit Heitmann presented results on weight maintenance from NoHoW. A second Danish-led EU-funded project on effective lifestyle for the prevention of type 2 diabetes in people with overweight and pre-diabetes (PREVIEW) was presented by Prof. Anne Raben.
The presentations were followed by a panel discussion on whether long-term weight loss maintenance is possible.
Parker Institute presents NoHoW results

Coordinator Berit Heitmann presented 'Latest results from the NoHoW intervention' at the Parker Institute Staff Meeting on 11 June 2019. Professor Heitmann is Head of the Research Unit for Dietary Studies at the institute. Overall, the institute aims to improve the status of health in the population via prevention at all levels, increasing knowledge of disease mechanisms and creating evidence-based treatments.
7th Self-Determination Theory Conference

Between May 21st - 24th, NoHoW researchers participated in the 7th Self-Determination Theory Conference in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands. Held every three years, this meeting brings together leading motivational experts and scholars come together to offer inspiring, insightful presentations and workshops. 

The 2019 SDT Conference focused on the integration of Self-Determination Theory with New Information and Communications Technologies. Several invited speakers from digital industries participated and shared their challenges and the strategies they use to introduce behavioural science expertise to highly specialised technical teams focused primarily on commercialisation and profitability of digital products. There was agreement on one key theme: digital behaviour change interventions are here to stay and present great potential.

Read more on the NoHoW website
NoHoW at ECO2019 

NoHoW's position statement team (from left): 
Marta Marques, James Stubbs, Berit Heitmann, Inês Santos and Cristiana Duarte

NoHoW was active at the 26th European Congress on Obesity (ECO 2019, Glasgow, 28 April - 01 May 2019), hosting the third NoHoW symposium.
The team also hosted a workshop with international leaders and experts in weight loss management to develop a "Position statement on behavioural approaches to longer-term weight management", together with the EASO Task Force on Obesity Management.
NoHoW Coordinator features 
in ECO 2019 Newsletter

NoHoW's coordinator Professor Berit Heitmann has been featured in the Day 1 Newsletter of the 26th Annual European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Glasgow
Berit and NoHoW were active at ECO, hosting the third NoHoW symposium (28 April, 2019) and a workshop with international leaders and experts in weight loss management to develop a "Position Statement on behavioural approaches to longer-term weight management, together with the EASO Task Force on Weight management (30 April, 2019). 
You can read the full feature here. We look forward to sharing the Position Statement early in 2020!
 NoHoW at ISBNPA 2019 in Prague 


We are pleased to report that the NoHoW consortium was represented by members of the Lisbon team at the 18th ISBNPA Annual Meeting, which took place in beautiful Prague, from June 4th to 7th, 2019. 

Using preliminary data from NoHoW trial, Jorge Encantado presented a discriminant analysis of psychological variables among weight losers, suggesting that more active people (> 10,000 steps a day) have better quality motivation to exercise (more autonomous motivation) and also exhibit better planning skills (Action Planning) regarding weight management. 
NoHoW Partner Marta Marques delivered a presentation about developing a framework for new ontologies in behavioural sciences and was recognised by ISBNPA. Marta was presented with the first-ever ISBNPA "One to Watch" award. 
You can learn more about ISBNPA 2019  here.
Weight Management featured in 
New Year Podcast

NoHoW coordinator Berit Heitmann joined the Radio Denmark podcast 'Recept' to talk about the science of weight management in January 2019.
You can listen to the podcast in Danish here!
 Invited Symposium at the 22nd 
Congress on Obesity

On 25 Nov 2018, NoHoW was featured at an Invited Symposium 'ICT-based Weight Loss Maintenance: The NoHoW European Project' at the 22nd Congresso Português de Obesidade (SPEO) in Lisbon, Portugal. Chaired by Dr. António Palmeira, the symposium included talks from NoHoW researchers:
  • 'Emotion Regulation and Stress Management Intervention Component of NoHoW', Matos (UDC),
  • 'Thematic Basis of the NoHoW Trial', I. Santos (FMH),
  • 'Toolkit Demo and fitbit/scales Integration, J. Encantado (FMH),
  • 'Self-Regulation and Motivation Intervention Component of NoHoW', A. Palmeira (FMH), and
  • 'Methods and Procedures of the NoHoW Trial', C. Luís.
Recent NoHoW publication 
features in AU News 

The results of a recent NoHoW publication on weight loss maintenance have been featured in the Aarhus University Department of Management News (Pedersen, S. et al. (2018). The complexity of self-regulating food intake in weight loss maintenance. A qualitative study among short- and long-term weight loss maintainers. 
You can read a summary of the publication here.
A full list of our publications can be found here.
NoHoW at EHPS 2018

NoHoW's Marta Marques presented the NoHoW Toolkit at the 32nd Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society (21 - 25 August 2018, Galway Ireland). 

The conference theme was Health Psychology Across the Lifespan: Uniting Research, Practice and Policy. Marta's talk 'Designing and testing theory-based mHealth tools for weight loss maintenance: The NoHoW Toolkit' was included in the 'Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Digital Intervention Development' session, chaired by Brian Oldenburg.

ISBNPA 2018 General Meeting

It was a great experience for a young PhD student to join the 
ISBNPA 17th Annual Meeting. The meeting was held in Hong Kong (03 - 06 June) and included many high quality and compelling presentations. Networking opportunities at the meeting were substantial and inspiring, allowing us to meet top researchers in a wide range of behavioural science fields. The city of Hong Kong itself provided the ideal backdrop for this event.

Read more on the meeting and winner of the poster award on the NoHoW website

Learn more about NoHoW

Interested in learning more about the NoHoW project?

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EASO COMs Exchange Programme




Obesity is recognised as one of Europe's priority health challenges, however specialised obesity services are not widely available and obesity treatment and care can therefore vary enormously across European regions. 

The EASO COMs Exchange and Mentoring Programme provides a solution by supporting the establishment of new centres that improve access to and delivery of quality, multi-disciplinary care.


The COMs Exchange and Mentoring Programme will provide candidates with the knowledge, skills and tools required to establish and run new multi-disciplinary treatment centres: 

  • Candidates will learn about COMs structures, processes and set-up procedures
  • Ongoing mentoring will help these new centres to become accredited members of the EASO COMs network
  • Candidates will be hosted by EASO COMs in several European countries, willing to share practices and expertise
  • Candidates will be matched with host centres that most closely reflect their national health systems and language capabilities.

You can find out more and apply to joint the programme on the EASO website.


With the General Data Protection Regulation changes instituted 25th May 2018, we want to ensure we are only communicating relevant information to you. To comply with these regulations, your opt - in to our communications means we can continue to send you the latest information on obesity education and training, research and policy, and news across our extensive networks. 

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22/10/2019 20:29
Convocatória Assembleia Geral de Sócios da SPEO



Convoco os sócios da SPEO – Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo da Obesidade para uma Assembleia Geral Ordinária, a realizar dia 23 de Novembro de 2019, pelas 17h30, em Braga, no Melíá Braga Hotel, por ocasião do 23º Congresso Português de Obesidade, com a seguinte ordem de trabalhos:


Ponto 1 – Informações

Ponto 2 - Apresentação e votação do Relatório de Actividades

Ponto 3 - Apresentação e votação do Relatório de Contas

Ponto 4 - Apresentação e votação do Orçamento


“As reuniões da Assembleia Geral, têm início à hora marcada, em primeira convocatória, com a presença da maioria dos associados, e em segunda convocatória, meia hora depois com qualquer número de associados” (Artº 23º, nº 6 dos Estatutos da SPEO).


                                                            Porto, 1 de Outubro de 2019


                                                                         Davide Carvalho

                                                      Presidente da Mesa da Assembleia Geral



15/10/2019 15:55
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